The 2024 Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference will be held on Friday, March 29, 2024 at the New York Athletic Club.

New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019
  +1 212 767 7000

Dress Code


  • Jackets are optional.
  • Tailored pants, collared shirts, and dress shoes. Collared shirts must be tucked in.


  • Relaxed, comparable attire (skirt ensembles or slacks with blouse) hemlines must be conservative.


  • Members and guests are responsible for assuring that children comply with the Club’s dress code.
  • Children aged eight and older must comply with the men’s and women’s Dress Codes.

Denim, T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, athletic attire, athletic-style shoes, sneakers, flip-flops, rain/winter boots, and hiking footwear are not permitted.

Headwear is not permitted, except for religious purposes.

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